Louis Dupuy

Louis Dupuy


Adolphe Francois Gerard was born in Alencon, France on October the 14th.


Arrived in Denver with a new name--Louis Dupuy--and took a job with the Rocky Mountain News.

ca. 1870

Louis Dupuy, arrived in Georgetown where he took employment as a miner.


Dupuy was injured in a mine accident when he took the force of an explosion as he pushed his partner out of the way.  In appreciation for his bravery, the town took up a collection that allowed Dupuy to begin his business.


Delmonico Bakery

Delmonico Bakery


Dupuy rented the building that had housed the Delmonico Bakery and opened it as the Hotel de Paris.  The entire first floor was taken up with restaurant and kitchen.

Sophia Gally

Sophie Gally



Dupuy purchased the building.  Sophie Gally moved into the hotel and became housekeeper.


Dupuy purchased 1/2 of the lot to the west and constructed a one story building across the back (south) of his lots.  This building included an outhouse.  Louis completed a laundry in the rear of the hotel.  It isn't known if this was in the back of the kitchen or in the new rear structure.

Sample Bedroom

Sample Bedroom


Dupuy constructed the two story addition to the west which contained two sample rooms on the first floor and four hotel bedrooms on the second.

Early Photo of Hotel

Early Photo of Hotel


Flagstone was laid in front of the hotel.


Dupuy purchased the 1/2 lot to the east and added to the hotel with quarters for himself on the first floor and two large hotel bedrooms above. He extended the rear one-story building to the east property line.  Dupuy unified the appearance of the original building and additions with a new facade.

Dining Room

        Dining Room

by 1890

Dupuy made an addition to the kitchen and expanded the dining room.


The McClellan Opera House, on the corner, and the building in between adjacent to the hotel burned.

Early Electric Lights

Early Electric Lights


A new roof structure was added over the three part original.  Electricity and electric lights were installed at the hotel.  The statue of Justice was placed on the parapet.  Dupuy stuccoed and painted his newly exposed west wall to match the hotel's other walls and painted the large hotel sign with American and French flags.

Louis & Sophie's Gravestone

Louis & Sophie's Gravestone


Louis Dupuy died on October the 7th of pneumonia after a 5 week bout, and left the hotel to Sophie Gally.

Sarah Burkholder (in center)

Sarah Burkholder (in center)


Sophie Gally died in February and left the hotel to relatives in France.


Mrs. Sarah Burkholder purchased the hotel from the heirs of Sophie Gally.

Hotel with Added Veramda

Hotel With Added Veranda


A large veranda was added to the west side of the hotel.

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Sarah Harrison Burkholder
James Burkholder (husband)
Ned Burkholder (son)
Hazel Burkholder (daughter)

Improvements to the steam heating system were installed in the hotel.


Burkholder leased the hotel to various proprietors who ran it as a hotel and boarding house.

Hazel Burkholder McAdams

Hazel Burkholder McAdams


Burkholder's daughter, Hazel McAdams inherited the hotel after her mother's death and continued leasing it through 1939 as a boarding house.


A fire gutted the long one-story building at the rear of the property.

Hotel Annex

Hotel Annex


The hotel was purchased by the National Society of Colonial Dames of America in Colorado. 

Colonial Dames of America in Colorado Logo

Colonial Dames of

America in Colorado Logo


The rear building was rehabilitated as a meeting place for the Colonial Dames and for the display of exhibits.  The outhouse was replaced by a restroom.

Books for Research

Books for Research


The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Major restoration projects were undertaken at the hotel.


Ongoing general upkeep and repairs and continual research into more accurate historic representation of the Louis Dupuy era for the hotel.