The Dupuy Library

A Literary Resource Unique to Colorado

Louis Dupuy filled his free time by reading about religion, philosophy, home keeping, science, health, anatomy, politics, civics, history, and war.  From his days in seminary, he maintained an interest in classical literature and the arts.  A former journalist, Dupuy subscribed to newspapers and magazines, studied reviews and lectures, examined biographies, and kept up with popular fiction.

More than half of the artifacts original to Hotel de Paris is Dupuy’s personal collection of books, periodicals, reference works, catalogs, maps, and art portfolios which have largely survived and are displayed and stored in situ at Hotel de Paris Museum™.

This enviable library was once described as the finest in Colorado.  After Dupuy’s death in 1900, the Georgetown Library Association considered purchasing Hotel de Paris and turning the building  into Georgetown’s first public library and reading room.